Kamis, 22 November 2012


I spent my childhood in a small city called Mojokerto,it's an hour drive from Surabaya.Mojokerto is popular with the heritage of Mojopahit kingdom and the delicious onde-onde. I had a childhood name so that people back home just know me with name 'Rina'. it's from my last name. I had a good neighborhood and playmates as well. In 1999, i got into TK Dharma Wanita (kindergarten)then continued my elementary school in SDN Wates 1. When i was child, i like to join drawing competition,well i think everybody in that age is really common with this,but i felt blessing because my teachers always encourage me to do so. In the elementary school, i start to love science especially math.I can say that i love it accidentally since i got 0 on my test when i was in the third grade. but then i can feel that math is a challenging subject to learn and it makes me interesting. That's the starting point that i got into math world. I took 'sempoa' course and win the local competition,joined math Olympiad and i got a good luck on that. Besides, I got support from my parents ,they helped me to learn and also from my teachers who taught me math Olympiad's subject privately though sometimes a kid just tried to find reasons not to go to her house to study.:) But then,now, i realize that it was worthwhile.