Selasa, 01 Januari 2013

Christmas and New Year

In this winter break holiday i spend it in New York City. It's really a city that never sleep like what i've figured out in the Empire state of mind song. To celebrate Christmas and New Year , I spent it with my new relatives. It's nice to know them. I think doing community service while having a holiday is a good idea.Besides,seeing the lights of Manhattan is just too marvelous.It's all beautiful. Anyway, Happy New Year 2013 for everybody. Let's make resolutions !

Thanksgiving Break

On thanksgiving break 2012, i had one day trip to Washington DC with my friends.It took like 4 hours by bus. It was one day fun visited Smithsonian Museum,Lincoln Memorial,Air and Space Museum,White House etc. There are still many museums in DC that we couldn't visit each.

New Zealand

In 2010 i was selected as the representative from Sampoerna Academy Malang to study visit in a college in New Zealand. I went there with my friend ,Naasa.Before going, we were invited to come to NZ ambassador's house in Jakarta.During my day in NZ, I stayed with an Egyptian family and studied for about a month in Onslow College. I learned their cultures and education,so that when i got home,i could tell people what i've got.

Eagle House

In Sampoerna Academy , I have a small family called a house,just imagine it's like gryffindor,slytherine or any kind of these in Harry Potter.We had student advisor called Umi Rofi who's really patient to take care of us. Eagle house in my year definitely was so solid but sometimes we just too crunchy to make a joke so that nobody laughs.However they are just too good to be remembered with all of their silliness and characteristics. I love you guys ! and Thanks Umi ! " House Eagle jadi hospital,ya nggak bisa,eagle kan is the best,eagle kan bisa terbang!" :D

Sampoerna Academy

This is my second family, Sampoerna Academy.When i was in high school i got scholarship by studying in SMAN 10 Malang Sampoerna Academy. I have wonderful and amazing friends,teachers and stuff . Being the part of Sampoerna Academy Family is a blessing. I could get better education. I learned not only academic but also non-academic.Leadership,learning to live,skill,giving back to community were some of the things that i learned there. and I hope for the future I can be a leader who make a better change for my generation. "Leader ! I am. Sampoerna Academy! Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow."


In 2008, I joined International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO). It was a competition in the junior high level and I was selected as the representative from East Java. I met other 39 students from all over Indonesia. We got training by ITB in Bandung for a month. Exactly we learnt science but we also have fun in a time by visiting ‘Dago,Goa Jepang & Belanda’. I had such a grateful feeling to be there among the intelligence people. Now we spread in some parts all over the world,some of us are studying in Indonesia,Singapore,and US. I feel lucky to know them and thank God I could meet and learn from those great people.