Selasa, 06 Agustus 2013

Summer Break with Friends

A few days after my final and before leaving Morgantown. I moved to a new apartment, so I needed to move my stuffs. My friend, Erin, helped me to move out. She is one of my bestie during my first year of college. Unfortunately, she will transfer and go back to ohio next fall 2013, but we really had a good time during a year. “Just got back home after a three hour adventure that involved getting lost, going down a one way street the wrong way...twice, a unexpected shower that left all of us drenched, and helping Rizky and her roomate move thier stuff up three flights of stairs. All making a fun day that I enjoyed. — with Rizky Nur Zairina.” (facebook) After the move out day, I also spent my time with my another bestie, Caroline. We went to Coopers Rock (an amazing green view of mountains in Morgantown). I visited her house and a lake. We had a bonfire, cooked for dinner with her family and her brother teached me a gun shooting. It was a good day and I enjoyed it a lot.
This summer break, I had another surprise; I could go home because my friends and I have internship in Indonesia, though we will be placed in some different cities. I will intern for PT. HM. Sampoerna Tbk (an affiliate of Philip Morris International) in information system division. I curious about it, since it’s my first time to have a job. I am also excited to meet my family, friends, relatives, teachers and colleagues. Just a while ago, I met my friends from texas and my english teacher. We were reunion in Doha International Airport. What a lovely moment!

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