Selasa, 06 Agustus 2013

Spring 2013 Semester End

The semester runs really fast. I took some courses such as Calculus 2, Matlab, english, chemistry, and world religion. Most of those courses are prerequisites in my first year of college. If people ask, how much I learn from those courses, I always say; a lot. I tried to do my best on every courses that I took. The most exciting one is world religion, it was the only general course that I took for Spring semester. I learn all four major religions based on religious facts ; in order not to become argumentative. However, it was interesting and help me to appreciate the difference between people in the world. I felt lucky that I could get to know many of my professors very well. Another good thing was happened in the end of this semester that I could raise my GPA. I am very blessed and thankful to God. During the semester, I did not only expand my academic skill, but I also learned to be active in an organization. I was elected as a membership chair of Society of Women Engineers in my campus for my sophomore year.I am the only international student among other officers. That is interesting and challenging.However, I want to balance my skill and learn a new experience from my friends in another country. I also like to do some activities that the organization’s has, such as social,volunteer,outreach and professional development. Last time, I was volunteering as a tour guide in a girl scout day. It was my first time to assist parents and their children. I loved it and they gave me positive response too.

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